• Banner Display
  • Branded Contents
  • Social Media
  • Video Adverts
Square shaped adsMPU/Medium rectangle300 x 250 pixels500₦ (CPM)
Large horizontal adsLeaderboard728 X 90 pixels500 (CPM)
A vertical thin shape adsSkyscraper160 x 600 pixels500₦ (CPM)
An article written by usSponsored contentWebsite200,000₦
An article with text and images submitted by youSponsored post (Appears on sponsored post category)Website100,000₦
Embedding your advertisement into our web page (company logo, articles, addresses, related banners, URLs – Duration is 1 week)Page brandingNewscenter webpage500,000₦
Sending sponsored content/ad sent via email newsletters to subscribersNewsletter ad/article placementNewscenter audience inboxes100,000₦
An article, with text and images submitted by you is posted on our Facebook pageSocial media postFacebook80,000₦ (for each)
An article, with text and images submitted by you, is posted on our Instagram/Twitter pageSocial media postInstagram/Twitter 70,000₦ (for each)
Pin a post to the top of the page for 1 dayPin a postFacebook/Instagram/Twitter N50,000₦ (for each)
Transmit your event live on our Social Media PageLive coverageFacebook/InstagramN300,000₦ (per hour)
30 seconds video ad mp4, mov, flv, avi (5mb max)Video playerFacebook
N1000₦ (CPM)
Your branded goods and services are featured in a productionProduct placements/ affiliationFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok400,000₦ (for each) Bulk can be negotiated
We mention you as a sponsor of our video at the beginning of the video. Your link is in the descriptionSponsor mentionsFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok250,000₦
Short video (30 seconds) produced by us on your behalf featuring your products and services and placed on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Video productionFacebook, Instagram, Twitter1.5m ₦ (specified amount is minimum, incremental depending on the content and sophistication rsp. needed resources)

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