Blanche Aigle Communications wins prestigious SABRE awards

A Public Relations and communications firm based in Lagos, Blanche Aigle Communications, has been honored with the prestigious SABRE Awards for its exceptional work on the Hilda Baci Cookathon campaign.

The firm won Superior Achievement in Brand building in the Diamond category, Best Campaign Western Africa region – Gold, and a Certificate of Excellence for Best in Show.

Blanche Aigle played a pivotal role in the campaign’s success, developing and executing a comprehensive communication strategy, that included public relations strategy, media relations, influencer partnerships, and event coordination support. The campaign generated significant media coverage, engaging a global audience, while garnering widespread support.

The cookathon event, held in Lagos, attracted thousands of attendees and supporters, physically and virtually, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose, leading to successfully setting a new Guinness World Record of cooking for 93 hours and 11 minutes.

Speaking on the award, Founder and Lead at Blanche Aigle Communications, Nene Bejide said: “We are honored to receive the SABRE Awards for our exceptional work. This recognition is evidence of the hard work and creativity of our team. We are proud to have played a part in our clients’ achievements and contributed to promoting brand growth on a global stage.

“Our campaigns resonate deeply with our brand’s commitment to innovation and quality, and our achievements are proof of the power of creativity and the spirit of collaboration.”

Bejice also spoke during the SABRE Awards conference in Ivory Coast on May 16, where she was a panelist at the conference alongside other public relations professionals across the continent.

The panel was moderated by the CEO and Editor-in-Chief at PRovoke Media, Arun Sudhaman. It included notable panelists such as Dustin Chick from Razor PR, Mike Sharman from Retroviral, Moliehi Molekoa from Magna Carta, and Sergio from Clockwork Media.

The discussion highlighted outstanding campaigns from all African regions, including the best public relations campaigns and their agencies from East Africa, North Africa, South Africa, Central Africa, and Blanche Aigle Communications representing West Africa.

During the panel session, Bejide spoke about how the team at Blanche Aigle Communications strategised and implemented the public relations effort for Hilda Baci’s Cookathon project; she said: “At Blanche Aigle Communications, we believe that a successful campaign is built on a carefully crafted roadmap.

“We lay a clear path from conceptualisation to execution, ensuring every detail aligns with our strategic vision. This drives our creative imagination, targeted marketing, and implementation aimed at delivering impactful and measurable results.”

The Hilda Baci Cookathon campaign received extensive media attention from top-tier media outlets across the globe, such as CNN, BBC, DW, and AFP, to mention a few, highlighting the remarkable achievement and bringing international recognition to Nigerian cuisine.

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