Delta Senator, Nwoko, proposes creation of Anioma State, to join South-East zone

Senator Ned Nwoko has reignited the debate on state creation in Nigeria by proposing the establishment of Anioma State from the present Delta State.

The lawmaker made this call on Monday through a lengthy post on his official X handle.

The proposed state would be carved out of Delta State’s nine Anioma Local Government Areas, which are predominantly Igbo speaking.

Nwoke posted, “The South East geopolitical zone currently has five states, unlike its counterparts, except for the North West, which has seven states,” he wrote.

“This disparity results in an imbalance of representation and resources, with the South East having only 15 lawmakers compared to the 18 lawmakers of other zones in the senate.

“This inequity affects legislative representation and the distribution of national resources, perpetuating a longstanding injustice.

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“I am presenting a bill for the creation of Anioma state to correct this historical oversight. Anioma is composed of nine local government areas, six of which are rich in oil and gas resources.

“The region also boasts significant human capital, making it a viable and sustainable candidate for statehood. Creating Anioma state is not just about increasing the number of states; it is about ensuring fair representation and resource allocation for the South East.”

This move signifies a potential shift in regional alignments. Anioma State, if created, would join the South-East geopolitical zone. Senator Nwoko argues that this is necessary to address a “historical oversight” and a “longstanding imbalance” in the distribution of states and resources among Nigeria’s geopolitical zones.

The South-East currently has five states, the fewest of any zone except the North-West (seven states). This disparity translates into fewer legislative seats (15 senators for the South-East compared to 18 for others) and potentially less access to national resources.

Anioma State is seen as a potentially viable candidate for statehood due to its significant population and oil and gas reserves. However, the proposal is likely to meet with debate. Some may see it as a positive step towards correcting regional imbalance, while others might express concerns about the feasibility of creating a new state or the potential disruption to Delta State.

Senator Nwoko’s proposal is sure to spark discussions on Nigeria’s geopolitical structure and resource allocation. Whether it gains traction and ultimately leads to the creation of Anioma State remains to be seen, but it underscores the ongoing quest for more equitable representation across the country.

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