Poverty responsible for insecurity in northern Nigeria – APC chieftain

A chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Abayomi Nurain Mumuni says poverty and lack of economic opportunities are the major causes of insecurity in northern Nigeria.

Mumuni who said this in a statement made available to DAILY POST on Saturday, suggested that a multi-faceted approach be used to tackle the problem.

In the statement signed by his Media Aide, Rasheed Abubakar, Mumuni said to address the problem of insecurity in the region, the government must invest in economic development projects, create jobs and ensure infrastructural improvements.

He said other things to be done to tackle the menace in the region are the introduction of social reforms, strengthening of security forces, community engagement and empowerment of women and youths in the region.

“Addressing the issue of insecurity in northern Nigeria requires a multi-faceted approach that tackles the root causes of the problem. Here are some potential solutions. Economic Development: In many instances, poverty and lack of economic opportunities have contributed to insecurity in the region. By investing in economic development projects, job creation initiatives, and improvements in infrastructures, the government can help alleviate poverty and reduce the likelihood of individuals turning to violence as a means of survival.

“Social Reforms: Addressing social inequalities, promoting social cohesion, and fighting discrimination are crucial steps in reducing insecurity. This could involve programs to empower marginalized communities, promote interfaith dialogue, and address issues of land disputes and resource-sharing.

“Strengthening Security Forces: It is important to enhance the capacity and professionalism of security forces in northern Nigeria. This includes providing training, equipment, and support to law enforcement agencies, as well as ensuring accountability and respect for human rights in their operations.

“Community Engagement: Building trust between communities and security forces is essential in combating insecurity. Community policing initiatives, dialogue forums, and conflict resolution mechanisms can help foster cooperation and understanding between different groups.

“Countering Extremism: Radicalization and extremist ideologies have fueled insecurity in northern Nigeria. Countering violent extremism programs that address the root causes of radicalization, provide alternative narratives, and promote tolerance and respect for diversity can help prevent individuals from joining extremist groups.

“Empowering Women and Youth: Women and youth often bear the brunt of insecurity in the region and are key actors in promoting peace and stability. Empowering women through education, economic opportunities, and leadership roles, as well as engaging youth in positive activities and youth-focused programs, can help build resilient communities and prevent violence.

“In conclusion, addressing insecurity in northern Nigeria requires a comprehensive approach that combines security, economic, social, and governance strategies. By tackling the root causes of insecurity, promoting sustainable development, and fostering inclusive and peaceful societies, we can work towards a future where all individuals in northern Nigeria can live in safety and prosperity.”

Poverty responsible for insecurity in northern Nigeria – APC chieftain

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