Shettima launches resettlement project for conflict victims

Vice-President Kashim Shattima, on Friday officiated the groundbreaking ceremony of the ‘Resettlement Scheme for Persons Impacted by Conflict (RSPIC)’ in Tudun Biri.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that Tudun Biri village, located in Igabi Local Government of Kaduna State was mistakenly bombed by a military drone on Dec. 3, 2023.

Shettima said that the event marked the fulfillment of a solemn promise to prioritize the safety and dignity of every Nigerian.

He stated that true achievements can only be claimed one’s dignity and security was restored to those whose lives have been disrupted by conflict.

“Our journey to this point has been long and arduous. Today, we converge in this historic city to demonstrate our resolve to overcome adversity and build a future where each person

” And community sees the other as a friend, and where peace and opportunity are the birth-right of every citizen,” Shettima said.

He emphasized that Kaduna State was the ideal launchpad for the intervention, given its diverse nature.

Shettima highlighted the need to move beyond the fear that had previously held the nation hostage and to prevent incidents from escalating into prolonged disputes.

He said that RSPIC was designed not only to construct residences, roads, schools, and essential facilities for conflict victims but also to offer them a dignified environment to live and dream.

Shettima said, ”This initiative is in line with President Bola Tinubu’s promise to ensure every Nigerian has a place of belonging and can believe in the nation once again.”

Shettima acknowledged that past conflicts had not only torn communities apart but also divided political leaders who should serve as unifying models.

He urged leaders to view humanitarian crises as opportunities for unity rather than division.

The vice-president commended Gov. Sani for his inspirational approach to fostering unity in the state, urging that the approach should serve as a template for other governors and the nation at large.

Shettima emphasized that the resettlement scheme symbolized the collective will to heal as a nation and rebuild together.

“This history should inspire us to be different, and my optimism thrives on the assurance by our state governors to treat our humanitarian crises as points of unity instead of divisions,” the vice-president stated.

He also highlighted the importance of peace and stability across the country, as conflicts in one region can disrupt the entire nation.

Shettima called for a unified response to national concerns, emphasizing the need for justice, equitable distribution of resources, and collaboration.

He said, “Our work does not end here. This groundbreaking event is but the first step in a long journey towards restoration and empowerment.

“We must continue to provide support and opportunities for those affected, ensuring they have access to education, healthcare, and economic resources.”

Shettima assured those displaced by conflicts that their strength and resilience inspired the nation.

He added,”Under President Tinubu’s leadership, the government is committed to strengthening security infrastructure and advancing peace.

“As we lay the foundation of this intervention in our pilot state, we must remind one another to be front-row stakeholders in this aspiration to build peace, unity, and, significantly, to offer hope and opportunities to our people.”

Shettima called on security agencies and media organisations to come together and take ownership of the project, emphasizing that the intervention was a collective effort and a chance for permanent solutions.

Sani reaffirmed his commitment to supporting the Tudun Biri community.

He said,” Since the incident, the state government, through the State Emergency Agency (KADSEMA), had provided relief materials, direct cash support, and medical and psycho-social assistance to victims and their families.

”The government is also constructing a 6km asphalted road to link Tudun Biri to other communities and boost local agriculture and commerce.

”Additionally, a Skills Acquisition Centre and a clinic are under construction to cater to the community’s needs.”

Sani appreciated the contributions from individuals and corporate organizations, stating that over N275 million had been disbursed to support the victims.

Sani urged those who made pledges to redeem them, highlighting the leadership example set by Tinubu and Shettima.

He thanked the president for selecting Tudun Biri for the resettlement scheme’s groundbreaking ceremony, emphasizing the importance of the project.

Managed by NEMA , the scheme includes four resettlement communities in Igabi, Ikara, Giwa, and Kauru LGAs.

Zubaida Umar, Director-General of NEMA and Chairperson of the Project Implementation Unit, welcomed underscored the project’s mission to provide solace and support to conflict-impacted individuals and families in the state.

She thanked partners, stakeholders, and supporters for their commitment to the noble cause.

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